Fight that Frost!

Those clouds rolling in can only mean one thing, a May snowstorm! If you have lived in Colorado for a few seasons, you know that this is a common battle in the spring. Whether you are a Colorado newbie or a Colorado native, here are some helpful tips to fight the frost!

1. Turn off sprinklers and unhook your hoses. This will keep your plants from icing over and your hose from freezing solid.

2. Any plants that you can move, scootch them into the garage! This will be the best way to prevent damage from the cold snap and freeze. Any type of overhang that you may have that can prevent the snow from crushing your plants is a great help as well!

3. Frost. Cloth. This will be your absolute BEST friend for these random spring snowstorms. It is light enough to allow airflow but thick enough to aid in heat retention. You will just need to cover your plants with this cloth and they will be given a leg up on surviving the cold. Just be sure to use stakes or another object to keep the fabric from actually touching the plants. This will prevent the plants from being crushed, as the snow is likely to be heavy.

4. If you don’t have frost cloth handy, come buy it from us! Otherwise, a container/bucket will be your next best bet. It will give you protection from snow weight and some protection against the frost. You can use the container to protect, and the frost cloth to insulate if you want to be extra careful! Pro tip: Place a rock on top of the container to keep it from blowing away in the wind!

5. If you have a new tree, the best defense will be to water it before the storm comes. Be sure to not overwater and make sure that the water has time to soak in and water the roots.

6. Cross your fingers and remember how great it is that we are receiving moisture in this dry climate!